Changing the login password of the Linksys 5G Mobile Hotspot

The password of the Linksys 5G Mobile Hotspot is used when accessing the mobile hotspot’s web interface.  It is recommended to personalize your login password to ensure that your mobile hotspot is safe from unauthorized access.

Before you begin, take note of the following:
  • You can either use a computer or mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone to connect to the WiFi of the mobile hotspot.
  • The default username is user, and the default login password is the WiFi password found on the product label or the Quick Start Guide.  
  • Browser requirements:
    • Latest version of Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome™, Firefox®, Safari®, Microsoft Edge® or Opera
Step 1:
Log in to the mobile hotspot’s web interface.  For instructions, click here.

Step 2:
On the Dashboard, tap the menu icon on the upper-left corner.

Step 3:
Tap Device Management.

Step 4:
To change the Login Password, tap on Edit.

NOTE:  The Login Password should be 10 to 30 characters and should contain at least two uppercase, lowercase, numbers or special characters.
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Step 5:
Enter your new login password and confirm it.
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Step 6:
Tap Save.

You have now successfully updated the login password of the mobile hotspot.

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