Linksys MR8300 Frequently Asked Questions


  5.  Is the Linksys Mesh WiFi system compatible with Starlink?




1.  What is the Linksys MR8300 Mesh WiFi Router, AC2200?

The Linksys MR8300 Mesh WiFi Router, AC2200 is an Intelligent Mesh™-compatible router which makes it capable to act as a parent node to your Velop system.  It enables you to expand your Wi-Fi by letting you take advantage of the Intelligent Mesh WiFi System that is made for modular nodes.  These work seamlessly together to fit the needs of any home and deliver flawless Wi-Fi wherever you want it.  To learn more, click here.  

2.  What are the parts of the Linksys MR8300?

The parts of the Linksys MR8300 are the following:
  • Ports:  
    • One power port 
    • One gigabit internet port
    • Four gigabit ethernet ports
    • One USB 3.0 port
  • Lights: 
    • Single light indicator on top of the router
    • One internet light and four ethernet lights at the back panel
  • Buttons: 
    • One reset button
    • Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) button
  • Switch:  
    • One rocker style power switch
To know more, click here.

3.  What are the product features of the Linksys MR8300?

Below are the major product features of the Linksys MR8300:
  • Tri-band router
  • Supports 802.11ac (AC2200) at up to 2.2 Gbps
  • 2x2 simultaneous data streams for stronger and faster performance
  • Intelligent Mesh technology
  • Beamforming technology
  • Coverage of up to 2,000 sq ft
  • Guest network
  • Parental Controls
  • Four adjustable antennas (non-detachable)
  • Can be set up as a parent or child node
  • One USB 3.0 port
    • For external hard drive only
    • Storage feature is only available on the router that is on parent mode
    • Supported formats are NTFS, HFS+, APFS (read-only), FAT32, and Samba

4.  What is the warranty of the Linksys MR8300?

The warranty period is dependent on the country of purchase.  For more information about your device’s warranty, click here.

5.  What do the lights on the Linksys MR8300 indicate?

The lights indicate the different status and activities of your router.  For a detailed description, click here.

6.  Can I plug my USB hard drive to the USB port on the Linksys MR8300?

Yes.  You can plug an external hard drive into the USB port of the Linksys MR8300.  To learn more about external storage support, click here

7.  Is the Linksys MR8300 compatible with other Velop products?

Yes.  The Linksys MR8300 is compatible with all Velop products.  However, the Linksys MR8300 must be the parent node, while the Velop nodes become child nodes.


1.  What are the requirements for setting up the Linksys MR8300?

Below are the requirements for setting up the Linksys MR8300:
  • Internet connection
  • Latest iOS or Android™ mobile device 
  • The latest version of the Linksys app
  • Bluetooth® (preferred for setup)

2.  How do I set up the Linksys MR8300?

Too set up your router, click here.

3.  Can I add the Linksys MR8300 as a child node to my existing Velop network?

Yes.  The Linksys MR8300 can be set up as a child node.

4.  When can I use the WPS button?

The WPS button is functional after the Linksys MR8300 is set up.  Once your router is set up, you can press the WPS button to connect client devices.

5.  Is the Linksys Mesh WiFi system compatible with Starlink?

Yes. For the Linksys router to work with Starlink, you will need a Starlink ethernet adapter which you can find in the Starlink shop. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the Starlink ethernet adapter and the other end to the Internet port of your Linksys router. Learn how to set up the Linksys router with Starlink.


1.  How do I connect to the Wi-Fi using the WPS PIN?

To connect to the Wi-Fi using the WPS PIN, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Launch your Linksys app and access your Linksys MR8300's dashboard.
Step 2:
Tap the Menu icon and then select Wi-Fi Settings.
Step 3:
Tap Connect a Device With WPS.

Step 4:
Tap the Use a PIN link.

Step 5:
You can either enter your device's WPS PIN in the field provided and tap Connect or if your device asks you for the router's WPS PIN, use the PIN shown on the WPS page.

2.  What is the default Guest Access name and password?

The default Guest name is _LinksysSetupxxx-guest (where xxx represents the last three digits of the router's MAC address) and the default password is blank.  It is advisable that you customize your Guest Wi-Fi name and password.

NOTE:  There is only one Guest network Wi-Fi name for all your Tri-band network.

3.  Does this support IPv6 RD for its internet connection?

Yes. It supports IPv6 RD and 6to4 tunneling.


1.  How do I reset the Linksys MR8300 to factory defaults?

To reset the Linksys MR8300 to its factory defaults, press and hold the reset button until the light goes out and then turns bright red.  To learn more, click here.

2.  Why am I instructed to connect to my router's setup Wi-Fi?

This happens when the Bluetooth was not established, or the Bluetooth of the device used in setting up was not turned ON.  To continue, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Take note of the Wi-Fi name and password that can be found on the label under the Linksys MR8300.

Step 2:
On your device, go to Settings and connect to the Wi-Fi name from Step 1.

Step 3:
Return to the Linksys app.

3.  Why am I instructed to provide my ISP credentials?

You will be instructed to provide your ISP credentials if a Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) connection is detected during setup.  If PPPoE fails, you will be prompted to continue without an internet connection.  You can either continue or contact your ISP to verify your PPPoE information.

4.  My Linksys mesh router isn't working with my ISP's 5G router.  What should I do?

For the Linksys mesh router to work with a 5G router, your ISP must provide a 5G router with an ethernet port for connection to the parent node.


1.  How can I add another router on child node to my network?

For instructions on how you can add another router on child node, click here.

2.  What is Bridge Mode?

With Bridge Mode, your Linksys MR8300 will not have its own separate network.  All nodes and client devices connected to your Wi-Fi or to the existing modem-router (gateway) will be on the same network and can communicate with other devices within the network.

3.  What features are disabled when the Linksys MR8300 is in Bridge Mode?

Some features will be disabled on Bridge Mode.  These include Parental Controls, Device Prioritization, custom internal IP addresses, and other advanced features.

4.  If I have nodes connected to the Linksys MR8300, do I need to change them all to Bridge Mode as well?

No.  After you switch to Bridge Mode, all other connected child nodes will also work on Bridge Mode.

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