How to use the Channel Finder feature of your Linksys Mesh WiFi system

WiFi signals broadcast on multiple channels. The more networks that use the same channel, the worse the performance will be for each of them. Channel Finder selects the channel with the least amount of traffic for each node in your network.


2. Tap on the menu icon at the upper-left side of the dashboard.
3. Tap Wi-Fi Settings.

4. Tap Advanced Wi-Fi Settings.

5. Tap Channel Finder.

6. Tap Scan Channels.

While the Channel Finder is working, the WiFi will briefly disconnect until the process finishes.


7. If the Channel Finder identifies better channels, it will automatically make the changes for you. You can view the new channels by tapping Technical details. If you are already using the best channels, the Channel Finder will not make any more changes. Tap Done to finish.


The example below shows previous channels on the left side. If any changes were made, the updated channels will be displayed on the right side with an arrow. In this particular example, only the channels of the Office node were modified.


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