How to use the Block by Category feature in Linksys Shield

Using the Block by Category feature is pretty simple – just pick a device, select an age-appropriate preset filter or customize a filter, save your settings and you're all set!  Below are the detailed instructions.
Step 1:
Go to the Parental Controls section of your Linksys app and tap on Control a Device

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NOTE:  If you have already set up Parental Controls on a device, tap on the device's icon.  You can also tap on Add a device to select a new device.
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Step 2:
Select a device from the list.
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Step 3:
Tap on Block by Category.
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Step 4:
Select a filter by swiping through the options or by 
tapping on the left or right arrows.

Preset filters:
a.  Child - recommended for ages 8 and under
b.  Pre-Teen - recommended for ages 9-12
c.  Teen - recommended for ages 13-17
d.  Adult - recommended for ages 18+

NOTE:  Filters are Off by default.
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Each filter displays which category is blocked or allowed.  Below are the category icons:
  • User-added image Red circle with an x – All subcategories are blocked.
  • User-added image Orange circle – Some subcategories are allowed.
  • User-added image Green circle with check mark – All subcategories are allowed. 

To learn how to customize a category, click hereEach category also displays the number of its subcategories.  For the full list of all categories, their corresponding subcategories, and how they work, click here.
Step 5:
Make sure to tap Save once you are satisfied with your settings.

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