Changing the Wi-Fi Settings of your router using the Linksys app

Securing your WiFi is crucial, and the Linksys app simplifies changing your settings for added convenience.

When modifying your Wi-Fi Settings, your devices will briefly disconnect from the router. Once the changes are made, you'll need to reconnect your devices using the updated settings.

The steps and images provided below may differ slightly depending on the operating system of your mobile device.



1. Connect your mobile device to your router's WiFi then open the Linksys app.

Log in to the Linksys app dashboard.

3. Tap on Wi-Fi Settings.
4. Tap the field you want to change on the Wi-Fi Settings page, and then tap Save once done. Wait for the settings to be saved successfully then reconnect all wireless devices, if necessary.


You can also make changes to the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings of your router. Note that options will vary by model.

Security TypeFor Linksys routers that support Wi-Fi® 7 and Wi-Fi 6e, Multiple Selection is the only option. If you need to change the security type for troubleshooting purposes, log in to your router's web interface using a web browser.


For all other models, you have the option to change the security type.
  • WPA3/WPA2 Mixed Personal - Recommended for home use only if all nodes are up to date with firmware that supports WPA3™/WPA2™ Mixed Mode. Uses WPA3 with SAE encryption, when possible, and WPA2 with AES encryption for older devices. Some devices might not be able to connect all. Use WPA2 Personal if connection problems persist. 
  • WPA3 Personal Only - Not recommended unless all child nodes have WPA3 capability and are up to date with the latest firmware. Older devices will not be able to connect to networks using WPA3 Only encryption. 
  • WPA2 Personal (Default) - Recommended for home use. Connect using a password. Uses AES encryption.
  • Open and Enhanced Open - Recommended for public use. Supported devices may access an encrypted connection without a password. Unsupported clients will connect to an unencrypted (open) network. Same concept as Enhanced Open only but this offers support for legacy clients that do not support OWE as well as clients that support OWE. 
  • Open - Not recommended. Anyone can connect to the network. This option is equivalent to None.
Wi-Fi ModeMixed mode is the only supported mode for Linksys Mesh systems. However, options may vary depending on your router's model.
Channel FinderChannel Finder will scan your environment for WiFi channels that will give you the best performance. All devices will be disconnected temporarily during the scan.


The latest Linksys app has an Auto-Channel Finder feature for Linksys Cognitive™ Mesh nodes. The router will automatically check for the best channels every 5 days at 2 am PDT (9 am UTC or 5 pm UTC+8) and adjust the nodes accordingly. This new feature can help networks that show backhaul degradation over some time.

If you want to opt out of this, you can turn it OFF and manually run the Channel Finder whenever you choose to.

DFSDynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) enables WiFi networks to use the 5 GHz frequencies that are generally reserved for radar systems. The benefit of using DFS channels is less WiFi interference and better WiFi performance. If there are no radar systems nearby or in a saturated WiFi area, your neighbors may not be using a router with DFS support, therefore you could benefit from using DFS channels for increased 5 GHz throughput/speeds and better WiFi performance. 

If your model supports DFS, you will have the option available. 


If you have child nodes in your network that do not support DFS channels, you should not turn ON DFS channels. Otherwise, your child nodes will not be able to connect to your network. If you have clients that do not support DFS channels, those clients will end up connecting to your 2.4 GHz band instead.
MLOThis feature is available on Linksys MBE7000. By default, this option is turned Off.


Multi-Link Operation (MLO) allows devices to use multiple bands and frequency channels simultaneously for other Linksys MBE7000 child nodes and Wi-Fi® 7 client devices. This increases speed, reduces latency, and makes for a more reliable connection. 

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