European Declaration of Conformity

You can also view the United Kingdom Declaration of Conformity and the Europe Regulatory Information.


AE6000 DofCAdapters
E1200 DofCRouters
E1700 DofCRouters
E2500 V4 DofCRouters
E900 DofCRouters
E5350 DofCRouters
E5400 DofCRouters
EA2750 DofCRouters
EA6100 DofCRouters
EA6350 V3 DofCRouters
EA6350 V4 DofCRouters
EA6900 V2 DofC Routers
EA7300 V2 DofCRouters
EA7500 V3 DofC Routers
EA7500S DofCRouters
EA8300 DofCRouters
EA8500 DofCRouters
EA9500 V2 DofCRouters
LACGLX DofCSpecialty Products
LACGSX DofCSpecialty Products
LACPI30 DofCSpecialty Products
LACXGLR DofCSpecialty Products
LACXGSR DofCSpecialty Products
LAPAC1200 DofCAccess Points
LAPAC1200C DofCAccess Points
LAPAC1300C DofCAccess Points
LAPAC1300CW DofCAccess Points
LAPAC1750 DofCAccess Points
LAPAC1750C DofCAccess Points
LAPAC2600 DofCAccess Points
LAPAC2600C DofCAccess Points
LAPAX3600C DofC Access Points
LAPN300 DofCAccess Points
LAPN600 DofCAccess Points
LAPPI30W DofCPoE Injector
LGS105 V2 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS108 V2 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS108P V2 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS116 V2 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS116P V2 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS124 V2 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS124P V2 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS308 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS308MP DofCHubs and Switches
LGS308P DofCHubs and Switches
LGS310C DofCHubs and Switches
LGS310MPC DofCHubs and Switches
LGS318 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS318P DofCHubs and Switches
LGS326 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS326MP DofCHubs and Switches
LGS326P DofCHubs and Switches
LGS328C DofCHubs and Switches
LGS328MPC DofCHubs and Switches
LGS352C DofCHubs and Switches
LGS352MPC DofCHubs and Switches
LGS528 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS528P DofCHubs and Switches
LGS552 DofCHubs and Switches
LGS552P DofCHubs and Switches
LN1100 DofCVelop
LN1100 V2 DofCVelop
LN1200 DofCVelop
LN1200 V2 DofCVelop
LRT214 DofCRouters
LRT224 DofCRouters
MBE7000 DofCVelop
MR2000 DofCRouters
MR5500 DofCRouters
MR6350 DofCRouters
MR7350 DofC Routers
MR7500 DofCRouters
MR8300 V1 DofCRouters
MR8300 V1.1 DofCRouters
MR9000 DofCRouters
MR9600 V2 DofCRouters
MX2000 DofCVelop
MX4200 DofCVelop
MX4200 V2 DofC Velop
MX5300 DofCVelop
MX5500 DofC Velop
MX6200 DofCVelop
MX8400 DofCVelop
MX8400 V2 DofC Velop
MX12600 DofCVelop
MX12600 V2 DofC Velop
RE3000W V2 DofCSpecialty Products
RE6300 DofCSpecialty Products
RE6400 DofCSpecialty Products
RE6500 DofCSpecialty Products
RE6500HG DofCSpecialty Products
RE6700 DofCSpecialty Products
RE7000 DofCSpecialty Products
SPNMX56 DofCVelop
USB3GIG DofCAdapters
WAP300N DofCAccess Points
WAP1200AC DofCAccess Points
WAPT1200AC DofCAccess Points
WAP750AC DofCAccess Points
WHA0301 DofCVelop
WHW01, VLP01, A01 DofCVelop
WHW01P DofCVelop
WHW03 DofCVelop
WHW03 V2, A03 V2 DofCVelop
WRT1200AC V2 DofCRouters
WRT1900ACS V2 DofCRouters
WRT3200ACM DofCRouters
WRT32X DofCRouters
WRT54GL DofCRouters
WUSB6100M DofCAdapters
WUSB6300 DofCAdapters
WUSB6300 V2 DofCAdapters
WUSB6400M DofCAdapters
X6200 DofCGateways and Modems

NOTE: Due to the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) transition, DofC for some older products have been removed but can be supplied upon request.

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