Updating my phone number or email address for Two Step Verification

Two Step Verification requires a six-digit verification code when logging in via the Linksys app or the LinksysSmartWiFi.com page using your Linksys cloud account. The addition of this feature to the Linksys app will help provide an additional layer of security and peace of mind for Linksys users.

Once you have enabled Two-Step Verification, you will be prompted to enter a code whenever you log in with your Linksys cloud account from an unfamiliar device. To learn how to update your
phone number or email address for Two-Step Verification, follow the steps below. 

Phone number
1. Log in to the Linksys app or LinksysSmartWiFi.com page using your Linksys cloud account.
2. If you are using the Linksys app, tap the menu icon and tap on Account. Tap on the Phone Number field to update the phone number, then tap Change Number.

If you are using the LinksysSmartWiFi.com page, go to My Account and then click on Change next to the Phone Number field.
Email address

Unfortunately, there is no option to update the email address at this time. However, you can create a new Linksys cloud account using your new email address. You will also need to reset and reconfigure your router using your new Linksys cloud account.

ATTENTION:  First, cancel any Linksys subscriptions you may have with the old account like Linksys Aware or Linksys Shield, then subscribe to these features from your new Linksys cloud account.

To create a new Linksys cloud account on your Linksys app follow the steps below.

1. On your Linksys app, check if you are subscribed to any Linksys Services like Linksys Shield or Linksys Aware. If so, cancel your subscriptions.

2. Close your Linksys cloud account. Tap on the menu icon, tap Account, then tap on Close Account.



3. Reset your router. 

4. Launch the Linksys app and select Set up a New WiFi Network.


5. Continue with the setup until you are prompted to create a new account. Enter your new email address and password, then tap Create Account.

6. Complete the setup to associate your router with your new Linksys cloud account.

After the setup is complete, you can re-subscribe to your Linksys Services.

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