Overview of the Network Administration feature of the Linksys app

The Network Administration feature of the Linksys Mesh router provides information about your WiFi, a list of the parent and child nodes and routers, firmware version, time zone, and IP details. You can also restart your device in this section. This article will give you an overview of the Network Administration feature on the Linksys app for Linksys Mesh routers.
To go to the Network Administration page, you have to
log in to the Linksys app first. Then, tap the menu icon at the upper-left corner of the screen and then tap Network Administration.

Settings will vary by model.


Automatic Firmware Update
Change Router Password and Hint
Time Zone
IP Details
HomeKit Integration
Restart Network


This section provides a list of your nodes/routers in the network. The numerical value shown in the main menu is the sum of nodes/routers that are part of the network. Tap on Nodes to view the list and access other settings.


Parent node or Router

It is the node or router connected to your modem or internet source. If you have a Linksys Mesh router configured as the parent router and another Linksys Mesh router set up as a child, the first one on the list is the parent router.

Tapping on the Parent node will view the following:


  • Name of the parent router
  • Serial Number
  • Model Number
  • Firmware Version
  • LAN and WAN IP Addresses
Child nodes and routers

A child node is a node that is being used to extend your network, wired or WiFi. As you add child nodes to your network, they will be named Child node 1, Child node 2, and so on.

Tapping on the second or any of the succeeding routers and nodes view the following:


  • Name of the child node or router
  • Signal Strength
  • Connected to (Name of the parent router the child node or router is connected to)
  • Serial Number
  • Model Number
  • Firmware Version
  • LAN IP Address
Offline child nodeWhen a child node shows offline, you can tap on it for further instructions to help you with troubleshooting.


If your node is still on the network, power cycle the node with a red light and wait until the node reconnects to the network.

For child nodes that are no longer part of the network, you can tap on Remove node from network. This will remove the node permanently.


Tap on Remove this node to confirm this action.


Tapping on Settings will direct you to the Node Settings screen and you will have the following options. Note that the settings may vary by model.


Node Name

To change the name of a node, tap on Node Name, then select a node. Enter a new name and tap on Save.
The Blink node light feature is only supported on Linksys Cognitive Mesh products. This option can be useful for identifying a node in your network.
  • If the Linksys app is closed.
  • If you move away from the Nodes page of the app.
  • After 20 seconds (if you have not identified the node after it stops blinking, just tap on the Blink node light again.)
To use this feature, tap on the Blink node light, the light on the node will blink for about 20 seconds. Once you have identified the node, tap on Stop BlinkingThe light will stop blinking when:
  • The Linksys app is closed
  • You move away from the Nodes page of the app.
  • 20 seconds have elapsed
Currently, you may see this feature in a mixed mesh network in the Linksys app, but it will not work if you have a Linksys MBE7000 as the parent node and another model as a child. In this case, the feature will not work on child nodes that are not Linksys Cognitive Mesh.
Node Light 

The Night mode feature is supported on Linksys Cognitive Mesh products. Turn ON and OFF the status light of the nodes in your network with the following options:
  • Always on - This is the default option. The light is always turned ON.
  • On 8AM-8PM (Night mode) - Select this option to turn the status light on top of the nodes automatically during this time frame. The port lights are not affected.
  • Always off - Select this option to always keep the light OFF on all your nodes.
If you have other child nodes in the network that do not support these features, you will see the following prompt.

Node light guide - Tap on the What does the light on my node mean? to view a guide of the status light on your nodes.

Automatic Firmware Update

To make sure that your nodes are always up to date with the latest firmware, make sure the toggle button is set to the ON position as shown below. By default, the Automatic Firmware Update setting is ON.


Change Router Password and Hint

Tap this to change the network’s admin password. You may use this password to:
  • Log in with the Linksys app locally without using your Linksys cloud account.
  • Access the LinksysSmartWiFi.com page of the router.


It is recommended that you change your router password. If you are asked for a recovery key, it is located on the product label at the bottom or the back of your node.

Time Zone

Displays the current time zone. Tap on the arrow icon to make changes.


IP Details

This section displays a summary of your IP Details.

  • Connection Type
  • IP Address (WAN)
  • IPv6 Address
  • LAN IP Addresses of all the child nodes and routers in the network

To release and renew the IP address, your mobile device must be connected to the router's WiFi.


The Diagnostic Information is ON by default. Tap on Send network logs when requested by Linksys support to capture logs to assist with troubleshooting purposes. Tap on Details to view what information will be collected.


HomeKit Integration

For Linksys WHW03 and MX4200 routers that have linked your network to the Apple® Home app via the Apple HomeKit® Integration menu, you have the option to toggle ON or OFF this feature.


Restart Network

Tap to restart your entire network.


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