How to configure Port Range Forwarding for the Linksys Dual-Band WiFi Router

Port Range Forwarding allows you to set up public services on your network such as web servers, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) servers, email servers or other specialized internet applications. 
Follow the instructions below to forward a port range on your Linksys Dual-Band WiFi Router.

1. Log in to the Linksys Dual-Band WiFi Router's web interface.

2. Click the Configuration tab.
3. Click Security and select Port Range Forwarding.

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4. Click Add a New Port Range Forwarding.

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5. Enter an Application Name then enter range of ports to be used by the server you want to connect to in the Start ~ End Port portion.

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6. Select the Protocol used for the application and enter the IP Address of the device.
7. Check the Enabled box to allow port range forwarding for the application you have specified.
8. Click Apply then click on Save.

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