Adding a Linksys MR55WH as a child node

If you have a network with a parent MR55WH, you can add additional Linksys Mesh routers or nodes. Follow the steps below to learn how.

Before you begin:


1. Connect your mobile device to your router's WiFi network.

2. Power ON the child node that you will add near the parent node, preferably in the same room as the parent node or no more than 10 ft away from it. You will be able to relocate your child node after the setup is complete.

Launch the Linksys app and log in with your Linksys cloud account.

4. Tap on Set up a New Product.


5. Tap on Add Another Node to xxx (the x's represent the name of your existing WiFi).


6. Tap on To extend my Wi-Fi with a new child node.


7. Enable the Bluetooth® on your device if prompted.


8. If you have not powered ON your child node, make sure to power it up near the parent node. Tap on Next


9. Once your child node has a solid light, tap on Node light is solid.


10. Adding the child node is in progress.


11. Your child node has now been added. Tap on Next


If your node was not detected, make sure that it is near the parent node, if possible in the same room as the parent node or no more than 10 ft away from it. 
Follow these troubleshooting tips if you experience issues setting up or adding your child node.

12. You can now unplug and relocate your child node. Tap on Finish.

After you move your child node, wait for the light on the node to turn solid. This indicates the child now has reconnected to the network and it’s ready to use.


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