Linksys-compatible transceivers from AddOn for Linksys Managed Gigabit Switches FAQs

1. What are the Linksys-compatible transceivers from AddOn for?

Linksys partnered with AddOn to offer five transceivers that are certified to work with the Linksys Managed Gigabit Switches (Linksys LGS310MPC, LGS328MPC, LGS352MPC, LGS310C, LGS328C, LGS328PC, and LGS352C). The transceivers are designed work with the SFP and SFP+ uplink ports on the switches to extend their reach beyond the 100-meter limit of an ethernet cable.

The transceivers are Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant, and they also meet the requirements of the MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) standards to ensure seamless network integration.

2. Do the Linksys Managed Gigabit Switches support RJ45 10GBase-T copper transceiver modules? 

The switches are not compatible with RJ45 10GBase-T copper transceivers due to the operation temperature limitation. The power requirement of a 10GBase-T copper transceiver is much higher than the fiber SFP+ ports on the switches. The best option Linksys can recommend is an industrial grade fiber transceiver that can operate at 85°C. However, 
this copper transceiver has been tested for compatibility with the Linksys Managed Gigabit Switches and they worked properly. 

3. Where can I find more information about the transceivers?

You can learn more about the features and specifications of the AddOn Linksys-compatible transceivers at 
Linksys® | Transceivers - AddOn Networks.

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