How to upgrade or check the firmware of a Linksys Managed Switch for Business

The Linksys Managed Switch for Business features gigabit speed ports, a web interface for easy configuration, and management for networking devices to be located anywhere without the need for alternating current (AC) outlets. This article will show you how to upgrade the firmware of your switch.

Before you begin:
  • Create a backup file of your configuration before upgrading the firmware to prevent loss of settings.
  • Check the current version of your switch’s firmware which is found in the Summary section under Monitor > Dashboard. Make sure to download the latest firmware from the Linksys Support site.
  • The switch maintains two versions of the switch image in its permanent storage. One image is the active image, and the second image is the backup image. The Dual Image screen enables you to select which partition will be set as active after the next reset. The switch boots and runs from the active image. If the active image is corrupted, the system automatically boots from the non-active image.



The Model Name will differ depending on the model number of your switch. In this article, the Linksys LGS352MPC device is used as an example.

Firmware upgrade

1. Access the web interface of your switch.

2. Click on the menu
sf333434-002_en_v2.png icon located at the upper-left corner of the web interface.

3. Click on Configure.


4. Select Firmware or Maintenance tab if you have the latest firmware. You may need to scroll down in the Configure menu to see the option.

Menu navigation may vary by model.



5. In the Firmware Upgrade tab, select an Upgrade Method and Partition from the drop-down menu of each field. Then, click on + Select file and select the firmware file you’ve previously downloaded. 


6. Click on the sf333434-007_en_v2.png button located at the upper-right corner of the web interface then click Apply again to confirm. Do not disconnect the switch while the upgrade is in progress.  

7. Reboot the switch (when prompted) to complete the process.

You have successfully upgraded the firmware of your switch.

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