How to log in to the Linksys MX5500 router’s web browser

When you log in to the Linksys Atlas Pro 6 Dual-Band Mesh WiFi using "HTTP://" or "HTTP://", you may run into a static page instructing you to log in using HTTPS.  

With the latest firmware, you will be required to use an HTTPS connection, e.g., HTTPS://

The following message will only appear if you log in to the router for the first-time using HTTP instead of HTTPS. Follow the instructions below to continue with your log in.



Step 1:
On the static page, click Continue to be redirected to an HTTPS connection. 

To avoid landing on this static page and for any future log ins, make sure to use HTTPS:// If you log in again with HTTP, you will get the following error message:

To bypass this screen, follow the steps for your browser to continue. For step-by-step instructions, click

  • Google Chrome™:  click on Advanced > Proceed to (unsafe)
  • Firefox®:  click on Advanced > Accept the Risk and Continue
  • Microsoft Edge®:  click on Advanced > Continue to (unsafe) 
  • Safari®:  click on Show Details > visit this website > Visit Website

Step 2:
On the setup screen, click on Continue to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi.

Step 3:
To log in, you will be required to create a password. If you have already created a password, enter your customized password.

If you have not created a password, click on Reset password. You will be prompted to enter the recovery key on the product label on the bottom of the router that is connected to your modem. Click Submit and create a new password.

NOTE: You can also create a new password using the Linksys app. Log into the Linksys app, go to Network Administration > Change Router Password and Hint, change the password, and then log in to the web browser.  

Step 4:
Enter your customized router password and click on Sign In

Step 5:
Once logged in, you will be taken to the dashboard.  

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