Configuring the Voice VLAN settings of the Linksys Managed Switch for Business

Enhance the Voice over IP (VoIP) service on the Linksys Managed Switches for Business by configuring ports to carry IP voice traffic from IP phones on a specific VLAN.  Voice VLAN provides Quality of Service (QoS) to VoIP ensuring that the quality of the call does not deteriorate if the IP traffic is erratic or uneven.

To configure the Voice VLAN settings of the Linksys Managed Switch for Business, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Access the web interface of your switch.  For instructions, click here.

Step 2:
Click on the menu icon located at the upper-left corner of the web interface.

Step 3:
Select Configure then VLAN Settings.

Step 4:
Go to Voice VLAN.  On this page, you can configure the following settings.
Global Settings

The Global Settings lets you configure the following:

  • Voice VLAN State – Enable or disable the Voice VLAN feature on this field.
  • Voice VLAN ID This sets the Voice VLAN ID for the network.  Only one Voice VLAN is supported on the switch.
  • VLAN Priority Tag – This sets the Voice VLAN CoS value for the network.
  • Dscp – This sets the DSCP value.
  • 802.1p Remark – Enable this function to have outgoing voice traffic marked with the selected CoS value.
  • Remark CoS/802.1p – This defines a service priority for traffic on the Voice VLAN.  The priority of any received VoIP packet is overwritten with the new priority when the Voice VLAN feature is active on a port.  The range is from 0 to 7 with 6 as the default value.
  • Aging Time – This is used to remove a port from Voice VLAN if the port is an automatic VLAN member.  When the last voice device stops sending traffic and its MAC address aged out, the aging timer will start.  The port will be removed from the Voice VLAN after the timer expires.  If the voice traffic resumes during the aging time, the aging timer will reset and stop.  The range for the timer is from 1 to 65535 minutes.  The default is 1440 minutes.

Once done updating the settings, click Apply on the upper-right side of the screen to save your settings.

OUI Settings

The OUI Settings provides the following information:
  • Index – This displays the VoIP sequence ID.
  • OUI Address – This is the globally unique ID assigned to a vendor by the IEEE to identify the VoIP equipment.
  • Description – This displays the ID of the VoIP equipment vendor.

To add or delete an entry, click Delete or Add on the upper-right side of the screen.  To configure an existing ID, click on its corresponding Edit button.

Port Settings

The following Port Settings are described:

  • Port – This displays the port where the Voice VLAN settings are applied.
  • State – Enable this feature to enhance the VoIP quality on the selected port.  The default setting is Disabled.
  • CoS Mode – You may select Src or All from the list.
    • Src – Src QoS attributes are applied to packets with OUIs in the source MAC address.
    • All – All QoS attributes are applied to packets that are classified to the Voice VLAN.
  • Operate Status – This displays the operating status for the Voice VLAN on the selected port.
Click Refresh to refresh the list or Edit to configure the settings.

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