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Linksys US

How it works

There’s a solution for every school district, no matter the size or where you’re located. With your choice of funding, we will set up a flexible subscription service that offers internet access through Linksys Mobile and includes the broadband connection hardware needed for each student’s device. Multiple data plans are available, making it easy to pick the best option for your needs.

There are several government-backed financing choices available to districts around the country, in addition to each school’s independent funding options. After you’ve determined your district’s eligibility and budget, we will put together a Linksys Mobile network that will take care of your students’ internet needs.

$13.29 Billion USD​

Funds must be spent ​by Sept. 30, 2022​

Funding Available Mar. 18, 2020​
$54 Billion USD

Funds must be spent ​by Sept. 30, 2023

Funding Available Dec. 27, 2021
$130 Billion USD​

Funds must be spent ​by Sept. 30, 2024

Funding Available Mar. 18, 2021
$7.1 Billion​​ USD

Emergency Broadband Plan
Funds must be spent by June 30, 2022

Funding Available June 29, 2021

Features included

Fortinet software safeguards internet access for students with content filtering, malware protection, and cloud-based security which supports CIPA compliance.

Additional features:

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Seamless onboarding
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Zero touch provisioning

Each school district is different, but all face similar challenges. Linksys HomeWRK offers the needed hardware and software to create an easily manageable remote learning network. Linksys Mobile provides connectivity for students without internet. Security provided by Fortinet supports CIPA compliance, making sure the internet in students' homes is safe.