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Linksys Brings Entertainment Technology Start-up Brandwood Global to Center Stage

Stephanie and Larry Weier are entertainment industry veterans who have spent decades inside the Hollywood machine, overseeing thousands of brand placement and integration deals. In 2014, Stephanie Weier had a vision for a cloud-based branded entertainment marketplace to disrupt the closed analog-driven “who-you-know” method of Hollywood deal making and bringing users, such as emerging brands and artists, together with relevant real-time branded entertainment deals. Opportunities include connecting and executing product placement, integration and sponsorship deals with content creators (film, TV streaming, digital, gaming, music videos, live events, and commercials), celebrities, and brands.

Brandwood Global was a homegrown enterprise its first two years, but now the company has raised money, launched its platform, opened its first office, and are hiring additional staff. With more than 600 brands, content creators, celebrities, and agents using the platform to close deals and new team members overseeing it all, a reliable always-on networking infrastructure was crucial. That’s where Linksys Business came in.

The Challenge

Brandwood Global, like most start-ups, had gotten by with a simple networking setup initially. But as business grew, so did the need for a scalable network solution designed to support current users and accommodate the company’s potential growth. The existing office consisted of 3 to 5 users (plus guests) connecting to the network on anywhere from 4 to 15 devices each day. In addition to on-site personnel, the network needed to support the corporation’s remote software team.

Due to the technology-driven nature of the industry and Brandwood Global’s software as a service (SaaS) offering, the ability to hold frequent video conferences—for watching and sharing video clips and collaborating virtually with team members and multi-continental clients—was a primary concern. All of this needed to happen while simultaneously allowing users and guests to access the network without disruption. And because Brandwood Global was in the process of moving to its first office, the company needed to set up a VPN.


“The first two years, Brandwood was run from a home office, so our needs were completely different. In that environment we were able to get by with a simple wireless router that we bought and set up ourselves. We knew that wasn’t going to fly in our first office, so we brought in an outside tech team to advise and set up a proper network for our growing company."
— Stephanie Weier, CEO of Brandwood


The Solution

The Brandwood Global office was outfitted with Linksys products designed to accommodate a growing start-up workforce with a reliable network and increased performance efficiency.

Two Linksys LRT214 Business Gigabit VPN Routers were installed to seamlessly manage internet traffic and ensure high-speed, secure, and reliable network service for employees and office guests. A 28-Port Business Managed Gigabit Switch and a 28-Port Business Managed Gigabit PoE+ Switch were used to resolve connection issues and enhance traffic management while ensuring advanced security, eliminating bandwidth issues, and enabling the quick transmission of all business, voice, and video applications.

A Linksys Business Wireless-AC Dual-Band Access Point was installed to provide reliable wireless coverage throughout the office, simplifying the complexity of managing multiple wireless points and allowing employees and guests on laptops and mobile devices to access the network as needed, without compromising security. An SFP+ Business Transceiver was installed to extend Ethernet range.

“Working in entertainment, we’ve seen a lot of fantastic performances. But the fast, reliable performance we’ve seen from Linksys networking products deserves an encore,” said Mike Braico, CEO of InData, Brandwood Global’s Managed Service Provider (MSP).


Linksys helped Brandwood Global set up its first office with a complete high-performance network solution that would eliminate bandwidth issues, avoid security vulnerabilities, and ensure that both on-site and remote employees have quick, easy access. The scalable solution Linksys provided is custom-designed to support Brandwood’s growing global operations now and in the years to come.