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Advanced Installation Guide for WGA600N Setup Wizard

This article covers the Advanced Options found in the Setup Wizard for WGA600N.

Step 1:
The "Welcome" screen appears on your monitor.  Click the Click Here to Start button.

Step 2:
Read the License Agreement, and click Next to continue the installation.

Step 3:
The "Installation Notice" screen will appear.  This message is to let you know that your computer may be temporarily disconnected from the Internet.  Be sure to read the entire message and then click Next.

Step 4:
Connect one end of the provided network cable into your computer's network port and click Next.

Step 5:
Connect the other end of the provided network cable into the Gaming Adapter's Ethernet (yellow) port and click Next.

Step 6:
Plug the power adapter into the Gaming Adapter's power port.  Plug the other end of the power adapter into an electrical outlet.  Click Next to continue.

Step 7:
Verify that the Power and Ethernet LEDs are lit.  If not, follow the on?screen instructions, otherwise click Next to continue.

Step 8:
Once your gaming adapter is detected, enter a new password for the Gaming Adapter and enter it again in the Re-enter Password field.  Click Next to continue.

Step 9:
Click the Skip button.

Step 10:
Click the Advanced Setup button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 11:
Select the appropriate network configuration for the Gaming Adapter.

  • Obtain network settings automatically (DHCP) - Select this option to have your network settings assigned automatically.
  • Specify network settings - Select this option to specify the network settings for the Gaming Adapter.
  • IP Address - When "Specify network settings" is selected, the Adapter's IP address, as seen from the LAN (Local Area Network) can be defined in this field. This address must be unique and is used to access the web-based utility.
  • Subnet Mask - The Adapter's Subnet Mask must be the same as your wired network's Subnet Mask.
  • Default Gateway - This is the IP address of the default gateway for your LAN.
  • DNS 1 & 2 - Enter the appropriate DNS server information in these fields.

Step 12:
Enter the Wireless Network Name (SSID) of your wireless network.

Step 13
Select the appropriate level of wireless security for your wireless network.

Step 14:
The "Network Settings" screen will appear.  Verify the network settings and click Next to continue or Back to modify the settings.

Step 15:
The "Link Status" screen will appear, click Next.

Step 16:
Unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer and plug it into your Gaming Console's Ethernet port.  Click Next to continue.

Step 17:
The "Congratulations" screen will appear.  Click Finish to complete the Advanced Setup Wizard installation.

NOTE:  If you get the error message "the Setup Utility was unable to locate a Gaming Adapter on your network”, repeat the installation process but this time at Step 11, choose the Specify network settings option and fill in the appropriate settings before proceeding.

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