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What is the Linksys WRT32X and WRT32XB’s Killer Prioritization feature

The Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Dual-Band WiFi Gaming Router with Killer Prioritization Engine (Linksys WRT32X) uses Killer™ Prioritization to identify, prioritize, and accelerate your gaming traffic above all other devices and activities on your home Wi-Fi.

The Linksys WRT32X Dual-Band Gaming Router Designed for Xbox (Linksys WRT32XB) features Killer Prioritization that automatically configures a high prioritization for your Xbox®.  

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What is Killer Prioritization? 

Killer Prioritization allows your router to automatically detect your Killer-enabled computer (a computer with a Killer network adapter) then syncs the Killer engine on the router to the Killer Network Manager on your computer.  This creates an automatic solution to manage gaming traffic and downloads for your computers and other devices in your home.

The router manages your computer’s traffic so when game patches are downloaded, it will be done at a lower priority level so it doesn't interfere with video streaming and other activities within your home Wi-Fi.

In a busy network, the router helps lower ping time and provides protection from extreme lag spikes.

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What can Killer Prioritization do for you?
  • Lower latency and less lag while gaming – The router works with Killer-enabled computers to prioritize gaming traffic so other activities like downloads and video streaming will not impact your game.
  • Uninterrupted entertainment – Aside from improved gameplay, the router also delivers an incredible online voice and video experience.  By ensuring that other devices in the home do not interrupt network traffic for your gaming computers, you will be able to enjoy your voice and video streams without stutters, freezes or glitches.
  • Download while you play – You no longer need to worry about your game patches or other downloads slowing down or interrupting others who are streaming videos elsewhere in your home. 
What is the difference between the Linksys WRT32X and WRT32XB?
When the Linksys WRT32XB detects an Xbox gaming device it will automatically add it to the High Priority queue in the router's
Prioritization section.  The Linksys WRT32X will also detect it but will add it into the Normal Priority queue.  You can manually move the Xbox device into the High Priority queue as well.  To learn how to set up the Prioritization feature on the Linksys WRT32X and WRT32XB
, click here.

Killer Prioritization Requirements

The router works with any computer.  To benefit from the Killer Prioritization feature, you will need a computer or laptop with the following Killer network adapters installed:
  • Ethernet:  Killer Ethernet E2500, Killer Ethernet E2400, Killer Ethernet E2200
  • Wi-Fi:  Killer Wireless-AC 1535, Killer Wireless-AC 1435, Killer Wireless-AC 1525, Killer Wireless-N 1102, Killer Wireless-N 1103, Killer Wireless-N 1202
  • Latest Killer Control Center software
To learn how to set up the Linksys WRT32X router, click here For instructions on how to check the version of your Killer Control Center software, click here

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