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The Future of WiFi

Wifi 6E: The Fastest, Most Powerful Mesh WiFi System Yet

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Next Generation

With wireless traffic at an all-time high, a new, much needed WiFi band solution is now available. The dedicated 6GHz band offers uncluttered channels for more capacity, a stronger signal, and faster data transfer for your smart home and devices.

Linksys WiFi 6 router connection options.

5X more channels

WiFi 6E is designed to deliver multi-gigabit WiFi speeds by providing5x more channels on a wider spectrum, reducing noise between nodes and providing more avenues to connect your client devices.

A 5 Gbps port offers even more ways of multi-gigabit speed, allowing you to connect a multi-gigabit client with less congestion between nodes.

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WiFi 6 Extended

By unlocking more WiFi channels for use, including 14 80MHz channels and 7 160MHz channels, the 6GHz WiFi band delivers a crystal-clear signal and ultra-fast WiFi speeds that have all your devices covered, including the latest AR and VR additions and 8K streaming devices, with nearly limitless bandwidth.

Qualcomm chips

Qualcomm WiFi 6E Performance

This industry-leading platform transforms home and business with wire-like stability and blazing fast speeds to deliver the ultimate WiFi 6E experience.

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