Getting to know the WAP300N

The Linksys Wireless-N Access Point with Selectable Dual-Band (WAP300N) can operate in either 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz radio bands.  It is a highly flexible device which features four (4) modes of operation:

Access Point mode (Default)

•   Upgrades a wired router and enable it to host a Wi-Fi network
•   Upgrades an 802.11a/b/g wireless router to 802.11n technology
•   Extends wireless coverage of a home network by connecting the WAP300N to the Ethernet on a wired network

For instructions on how to configure the WAP300N in Access Point, click here.

Wireless Media Connector mode

•   Adds Wi-Fi connectivity to any Ethernet-ready device like game consoles, media players, DVRs, Smart TVs or network access storage

For instructions on how to configure the WAP300N in Wireless Media Connector mode, click here.

Wireless Range Extender mode

•   Extends the coverage of a home wireless network by repeating the wireless signal of the wireless router or access point

For instructions on how to configure the WAP300N in Wireless Range Extender mode, click here.

Wireless Bridge mode

•   Wirelessly connect two (2) or more wired networks together
•   Based on wireless distribution system (WDS)
•   Requires two (2) or more WAP300N to operate.  One on each wired network

For instructions on how to configure the WAP300N in Wireless Bridge mode, click here.

Top Panel

Back Panel

 Wireless activity indicator – The light flashes when sending or receiving data over a wireless connection.  In Access Point mode, it solidly lights up when the wireless interface is ready.  In other modes, it is solidly lit when the WAP300N is connected to a router or another access point.

 Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) button – Pressing this button sets up the wireless connection.

 Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ indicator - Stays steadily on after a successful Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ connection or when wireless security is enabled.  The light flashes slowly during Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ and flashes quickly when there is a Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ error.

 Ethernet port - Connect a wired network device to this port.

 Ethernet activity indicator - Lights up when there is wired connection.  The light lashes while actively sending or receiving data over the Ethernet port.

 Power port – The AC power adapter is connected to this port.

 Power indicator – Steadily lit up when power is connected.  Flashes slowly during boot up, firmware upgrades, and factory reset.

 Reset button - Pressing this button for five (5) seconds will restore the device to its factory defaults.


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