Disabling the SSID Broadcast on the Linksys WAP300N

The SSID Broadcast is a function of a router and an access point allowing them to transmit in a certain area for wireless devices to detect and connect.  Disabling the SSID broadcast will make the router or access point hidden, thus, wireless devices that are not allowed to connect to it will not be able to detect it.  This article will guide you on how to disable the SSID broadcast of your Linksys WAP300N. 

NOTE:  Disabling the SSID broadcast is only possible if the WAP300N is configured in the Access Point Mode

Things to remember before proceeding with the setup:
  • If you are using a wireless computer, you can temporarily hardwire it to the WAP300N to be able to access the web-based setup page.  If this is not possible, just make sure that the WAP300N is connected with an Ethernet cable to the router.
  • If the WAP300N is already configured with your router, check its IP address through the DHCP client table of the router to be able to use it in accessing its web-based setup page.  To learn how to check the IP address via the DHCP client table, click here.
Step 1:
Access the web-based setup page of the WAP300N.  To do this, launch a web browser, enter the IP address of the WAP300N on the Address bar and press Enter.
Step 2:
On the setup page, click Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings.
Step 3:
Select Disabled for the SSID Broadcast and click Save Settings.
Your WAP300N's SSID broadcast should now be disabled.

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