Properly positioning the antenna of the Linksys RE6700, RE6300 and RE6400

The Linksys RE6700, RE6300, and RE6400 each have two non-detachable antennas that provide maximum coverage especially to multi-story homes.  Below are suggestions on how to properly position your range extender.

NOTE:  In the examples below, the Linksys RE6700 is used.

Single story 
In single story homes, both antennas should be pointing down.  However, for Linksys RE6300 v2, both antennas should be pointing up.

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In multi-story homes, one antenna should be always down while the second antenna should be positioned differently depending on where the range extender is located and where the WiFi coverage is needed.  For the most part, position one antenna at 45° as shown in Picture A.  If there are issues with coverage, move the antenna about 50° to 55° down as shown in Picture B.  If this still doesn’t give the WiFi coverage that you need, continue adjusting one antenna up or down and continue to check the signal strength or coverage in the specific area that needs coverage.

NOTE:  For Linksys RE6300 v2, one antenna should be pointing up while the other antenna can be tilted at 45° to get some polarization diversity.
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Picture A.  This antenna positioning can be used if the range extender is in the middle of the house.
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Picture B.  This can be used if the range extender is connected to an outlet that is on the far side of the house.
IMPORTANT:  Antennas are fixed and can ONLY rotate at 180°.  Do NOT force the antennas too far back.  Otherwise, they can break.

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