Overview of the Linksys WRT32X Dashboard

Accessing the Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router with Killer Prioritization Engine web interface allows you to change or configure your router settings.  The router’s web interface features a Dashboard that shows you the status of your Network Traffic and Wi-Fi Network, the number of your Connected Devices as well as any Port Forwarding configured on the router.  
This article will give you an overview of your Linksys WRT32X Dashboard. To learn how to access the Dashboard, click here.
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FeatureDescription and Image
Log outThe Log out button is located on the upper right most corner.
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Restart RouterThe Restart Router button is located on the upper right corner. 
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Network TrafficThe Network Traffic section displays the local network traffic in MBits/s, kBits/s, Mb/s or Gb/s. (Prefix is dynamically changed when the value is over 1000.)   It shows the status of your internet connection as well.

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Speed TestThe Speed Test displays the router’s last speed test results.  A speed test is auto-run the first time you go to the Dashboard.  Click on Run Speed Test to run a current speed test.
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To know more about the Speed Test feature of the Linksys WRT32X, click here.
NOTE:  If your timestamp is not updated, go to Router Administration and make sure the correct Timezone is selected.  

DevicesThe Devices section displays the total number of connected wireless or hardwired devices.  It also displays your connected Killer Enabled Devices, if any, as well as the total amount of devices that have Prioritization configured.
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To view your connected devices go to Devices on the left panel of the web interface.  To know more, click here.  To configure Prioritization for your devices go to Prioritization.  For instructions, click here.
Wi-Fi NetworkThe Wi-Fi Network section displays your Wi-Fi name (combined or unique).  It also displays your Guest network name (if enabled). 
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With Guest network enabled

To configure your Wi-Fi Network go to Wi-Fi Settings.  For instructions, click here.  To know how to set up the Guest Access, click here.
NOTE:  By default, Guest Access is OFF.
Port ForwardingThe Port Forwarding section displays a summary of your port forwarding settings (if configured).
Click Add/Edit Rules to configure port forwarding or go to Advanced Settings > Port Forwarding 
To know more, click here.
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Network StorageWhen a USB drive is connected, the Network Storage section will display on the Dashboard.
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To know how to set up the Network Storage feature of your router, click here

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