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Understanding the light behavior of the Linksys Business Dual-Band Cloud Access Points

The Linksys Business Dual-Band Cloud Access Points offer a powerful wireless network for your small offices, home, or create free hotspots operated by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  With the Linksys Cloud Manager, you can now remotely manage multiple access points, sites and businesses under one login and easy-to-use dashboard.  This article will help you understand the light behavior of your Linksys Business Dual-Band Cloud Access Points.  

User-added image
Light Behavior:
Light ActivityDescription
User-added imageBlinking greenSystem is booting
User-added imageSolid greenSystem is normal; no wireless device connected
User-added imageBlinking blueSoftware upgrade in process
User-added imageSolid blueSystem is normal; at least one wireless device connected
User-added imageSolid redBooting process or update failed; hard reset or service required

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