How to power cycle a battery-operated modem

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Scenario:  Setup is unable to find an internet connection while setting up your primary node.

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If the check fails, you will be instructed to restart your modem by unplugging its power adapter.  If the lights are still ON even after the power adapter has been unplugged, your modem's backup battery may still be powering it.  DO NOT remove the battery.  Instead, follow the steps below to restart the modem.



Step 1:
Find the modem's power, reboot or restart button.  Press and hold it.

NOTE:  Do not press RESET as it may restore the modem to factory settings.  If your modem does not have a power, reboot or restart button, contact your Internet Service Provider for guidance.

Step 2:
Wait for the modem lights to turn OFF.  Wait for 2 minutes to allow stored memory and power to be flushed from the device.  Release the button.

Step 3:
Wait for the modem to completely start up.

Step 4:
Resume the app-based setup.

You should now have successfully power cycled your modem.


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