Light behavior of the Linksys RE6300

The table below describes the light colors and activities for every connection status of the Linksys RE6300v2 AC750 Boost WiFi Range Extender
Power LightStatus / Description
Blinking Green
  • Starting up
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) pairing is in progress
  • Upgrading the firmware
Solid Green
  • Ready to use
  • Connected to the WiFi
Solid Orange
  • Weak connection with the router

Fix:  Unplug the extender and move it closer to the router.

Blinking Orange
  • Not connected to the router – if extender was previously set up with your router
  • Ready for setup – if the extender is on factory defaults
  • WPS pairing failed – if setting up your extender via WPS
WPS LightStatus / Description

Solid Orange

(RE6300 v2)

  • WPS pairing is in progress (with a blinking green light on the front)
Ethernet LightStatus / Description
Solid Green
  • Ethernet device is connected
Blinking Green
  • Sending or receiving data over the ethernet port


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Version 1

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Version 2

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