Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0 - Clients page

The Linksys Business Cloud Access Points distribute secure WiFi connections to different networks and provide cloud management features so you can remotely monitor your organizations, access points, and networks.
With the Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0, you can check and manage how clients are connected to a network on the Clients page. 

How to access the Clients page
1. Access the Linksys Cloud Manager. For instructions, click here.
2. Select an organization. If there is only one organization, you will automatically have access to the Linksys Cloud Manager; if there are two or more, select and enter one. 

3. From the Networks tab, select a network, click on the three-dot
 icon, and then click on Clients.

Here are the settings on the Clients page.
NameTo rename a client, first select a client, click the ellipsis menu on the client's page then click on Rename. Enter a friendly name in the field and click on Confirm.
Last SeenThis is the timestamp of the last time the client was seen on the network.
Wireless SSIDThis is the SSID that the client is connected to.
Access PointThis is the access point the client is connected to.
SignalThis shows you the signal strength of the connection.
BandwidthThis shows you the bandwidth usage of the client.
Gear icon
Click on the (gear) menu to hide or unhide a column. You can add other categories to display as well by checking the boxes of the items you want to view.
Ellipsis menuYou can click the ellipsis menu for more options. See the Connection and Details section below for more information.
Connection page
The Connection page will provide client connectivity information.

Click the three-dot icon of a client and click on Connection.

From the Connection page, you can rename the client by clicking on the three-dot icon and then clicking on Rename.
Details page

The Details page will provide more information on the client.

  • MAC address - Displays the client's MAC address
  • Name - Displays the client's name
  • First Seen - Displays the first time the client was seen on the network
  • Last Seen - Displays the last time the client was seen on the network
  • Policy - Used to check if the client is part of an SSID with a policy and/or to change the policy type

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