Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0 - Overview page

The Overview page provides information about a network including access points in this network and clients connected to this network:
  • Network Statistics in real-time
  • Top clients per usage
  • Top access points per usage
  • Channels
  • Devices on map
This article will give you a summary of the settings on the Overview page.

1. Log in to the Linksys Cloud Manager.  For instructions, click here.

2. Select an organization (if you have multiple organizations).
3. From the Networks tab, select a network, click on the three-dot icon, and then click on Overview.  
The Overview page has five sections.  Click on the links below to learn more:

Network Statistics
Top Clients per Usage
Top Access Points per Usage
Access Points on Map


Network Statistics

Click on Bandwidth or Max Concurrent Clients to view a network’s real-time data.  Notice the area is highlighted in blue for you to know which section you are in. 



Max Concurrent Clients
Top Clients per Usage

In the Clients section, you will see the top three clients based on usage.  Click on More to view more clients.
To rename a client using a more friendly name, click on the client, then on its page click on the ellipsis > Rename.  Enter a friendly name for the device, then click on Confirm

Top Access Points per Usage

This section displays a list of top access points per usage in a network.

In this section, you can view the channels that your network is using.  To change the channel, click on Devices, select a device, click on the ellipsis of the device, and then click on Radio
Access Points on Map

This section displays the location of your access points.  By default, this option is disabled. 

To enable this setting, go to Devices, select an access point, and click on Details > Location > Edit.  In the Address field, enter a location or click the arrow icon to select a location.  Click on Save.  

To learn more about Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0, click here.  

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