How to manage the Guest Access Feature using the Linksys cloud account

The Guest Access feature gives you an alternative Internet connectivity for your guests without compromising the confidentiality of your main wireless network.
The Guest network SSID is the same as the main Wireless Network Name (SSID), followed by a -guest suffix. It is a separate network that prevents the Guest users from accessing any devices/clients on the main network.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to manage your router’s Guest Access feature using your Linksys cloud account

1. Access the router's web interface.

2. Click Guest Access under Smart Wi-Fi Tools.


3. Toggle the ON/OFF switch to disable or enable the Guest network. This feature is disabled by default.

This will be enabled once you run the Smart Setup software. Some Linksys routers only support a Guest network on the 2.4 GHz band. Also, for Tri-Band routers such as the EA9200, EA9400, and EA9500, 5 GHz Guest clients connect only to the 5 GHz1 network. 
4. Click Edit. Enter your desired Guest network name and password in the appropriate fields. Keeping the suffix –guest at the end of the name is recommended.


5. From the Total guests allowed drop-down menu, specify the total number of guests who can access your Guest network. A minimum of five guests and up to 50 guests can connect to the network simultaneously.


6. Click Ok to save your settings.

Have your guests connect to the Guest network using whatever methods they typically use to connect to a wireless network. Once connected, have them open an Internet browser and enter the Guest network password when the prompt appears.



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