Linksys X-series Gateway Troubleshooting FAQs

How do I set up my Linksys X-series Gateway?You can set up the gateway through its web-based setup page. Click on the links below to learn more:

Setting up your Linksys X-series gateway as a router using the setup wizard
Setting up your Linksys X-Series gateway as a modem-router using the Setup Wizard
Setting up the Linksys X-Series Gateway using the web browser
What should I do if my computer can’t connect to the internet?
There are several ways to resolve connection issues that you may encounter with the router.

If your computer can’t connect to the internet, make sure to check the following:
1. Ensure that your gateway is powered ON. The power light should be green and continuously lit and not flashing.

2. If the power light is flashing, you may power OFF the computer or other devices connected to your gateway. Power on the gateway after 10 seconds and wait for the lights to stop flashing as the gateway goes through the self-diagnostic mode. Once the gateway is ready, you may power ON your computer or the other devices connected to your gateway.

3. Check the lights on the gateway’s front panel. Make sure that the Power, DSL, and LAN ethernet port lights are lit. If not, check the cable connections. The computer must be connected to one of the numbered ethernet ports and the gateway’s DSL port should be connected to the ADSL line.
What should I do if I’m prompted for a user name and password when I open a web browser? How do I disable this?To disable this prompt, try configuring the Internet Options of your web browser.
What should I do if I’m using a static IP address on my computer and it can’t connect to the internet?You can set your computer to obtain an IP address automatically.
What should I do if my computer can’t connect wirelessly to my WiFi?
Make sure the WiFi name is the same on both the computer and the Linksys X-series Gateway. If you have enabled wireless security for your WiFi, make sure that the same security mode and key are used by both the computer and the gateway.
How do I modify the basic settings on my Linksys X-series Gateway?
To modify the basic settings on your Linksys X-series Gateway, you can re-run the Setup Wizard. You can also set it up as a modem router using the Setup Wizard.
How do I modify the advanced settings on my Linksys X-series Gateway?
To modify the advanced settings on your gateway, access the Linksys X-series Gateway’s web-based setup page and navigate to the appropriate tab to access and configure your preferred settings.
What should I do if I can’t use the DSL service to connect manually to the internet?
After you have installed the gateway, it will automatically connect to your internet service provider (ISP), so you no longer need to connect manually.
Why doesn't my gateway have a coaxial port for the cable connection?
A coaxial cable can only connect to a cable modem. Your gateway works as a modem with your ADSL connection. But if you have cable internet, your gateway should be connected to a regular cable modem. Insert the Setup CD into your computer and follow the on-screen instructions to use the gateway as a router connecting to your cable modem.
What should I do if my password used to access the gateway’s web-based setup page does not work?
You may use the gateway’s WiFi security settings since they also serve as the web-based setup page’s login credentials.
What URL should I use to access the Linksys X-series Gateway web-based setup page?
To access the router’s web-based setup page, enter in the Address bar of your web browser.
What browsers are supported to access the Linksys X-series Gateway web-based setup page?
It supports Internet Explorer® 7, Safari® 4, Firefox® 3, Google Chrome® or higher.
Does this modem work on Annex B?
No, the modem function of the Linksys X-series Gateway will only support Annex A connection. If you have an Annex B connection, you may use the gateway in router mode with a separate modem.
I already have a modem, how would I use the Linksys X-series Gateway in my network?
To use the Linksys X-series Gateway, connect the ethernet cable from the modem provided by your ISP and connect the other end to the Cable port at the back of your Linksys X-series Gateway.
What types of internet connection does the router function of the gateway support?
It supports six types of internet connection
  • DHCP
  • Static IP
  • Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE)
  • Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
  • L2TP
  • Telstra Cable
What WiFi bands does the gateway support?
The gateway supports 2.4 GHz.
The Linksys X3500 supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
What WiFi security modes does the Linksys X-series Gateway support?
The Linksys X-series Gateway supports the following security modes:
  • WPA2 Mixed Mode
  • WPA2 Personal
  • WPA Personal
  • WPA2/WPA Enterprise Mixed Mode
  • WPA2 Enterprise
  • WPA Enterprise
  • WEP (128 and 64 bits)
What should I do when the Power light on my Linksys X-series Gateway is blinking?
When the power light on your Linksys gateway is blinking, this indicates that the firmware is corrupted. To fix this, you need to download and update the firmware of your device.
Can I wall-mount my Linksys X-series Gateway?
Yes. The Linksys X-series Gateways have two wall-mount slots on the bottom panel.
What should I do when I encounter difficulties accessing the gateway’s web-based setup page?
You may encounter this issue because the computer is getting an incorrect IP address and the connection to the gateway is not properly established.

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