Light behavior of the Linksys LAPAC1300CE

The Linksys LAPAC1300CE AC1300 Cloud Outdoor IP67 Access Point has status lights on the side that indicates the behavior of the device.
User-added image
Light IndicatorColor/ActivityStatus
CloudSolid greenThe access point is connected to the cloud.
OFFThe cloud is not reachable.
InternetSolid greenThe access point is connected to the internet.
OFFNo internet connection.
EthernetSolid greenThe access point is connected to the LAN.
Blinking greenThe access point is actively transferring data through the LAN.
PowerSolid orangeThe access point is powered ON.  Other lights will illuminate depending on their status.

NOTE:  If the Power light is the only light that stays ON and all other lights remain OFF, this may indicate that the firmware failed to launch during boot up.
OFF (all lights)No power provided to the access point.
All lightsBlinking in pairsFirmware update is in progress.

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