Linksys E5450 Classic Micro Router 5 FAQs

What is the Linksys E5450 Classic Micro Router 5?The Linksys E5450 is a dual-band router that provides heightened speed, range, and security for all your networking requirements. With AC1200 speeds, you can seamlessly stream HD videos, browse the web, play online games, and chat while enjoying enhanced performance.
What are the parts of the Linksys E5450?
Below are the parts of the router:
  • Antennas
    • Two adjustable antennas (non-detachable)
  • Ports
    • One 10/100 Mbps internet port
    • Four 10/100 Mbps ethernet ports
  • Buttons, lights, and switch
    • Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) button
    • Reset button (located at the bottom)
    • Indicator lights
    • Rocker-style power switch
What are the product features of the Linksys E5450?
Below are the features of the router:
  • AC1200 Dual-Band
  • 2x2 Spatial streams
  • Remote management support
  • 802.11ac
  • WiFi speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps
  • Beamforming Technology
  • Guest Network
  • Parental Controls
  • WPA2™ security
  • DDNS
  • QoS
  • Indicator lights
  • Wall-mountable
What is the warranty of the Linksys E5450? The warranty period is dependent on the country of purchase.
Where is the reset button of the Linksys E5450 located? The reset button is located at the bottom of the Linksys E5450.
Does the Linksys E5450 support Linksys Mesh technology?No.

What are the requirements for setting up the Linksys E5450?
You need the following to set up the router:
  • Active internet connection
  • Latest version of a desktop browser
How do I set up the Linksys E5450?You can set up the router in minutes using a desktop browser.
How do I access the Linksys E5450 through a web browser?To access the Linksys E5450 through a web browser, you need to determine your router's IP address.

What wireless security types does the Linksys E5450 support?The Linksys E5450 supports the following settings:
  • WPA2 Personal
  • WPA2 Enterprise 
Does the Linksys E5450 have an auto firmware update feature?No, but it has a Check for Updates button that you can click. If a new firmware is available, you can proceed with the update.

How can I reset the Linksys E5450 to factory defaults?You can reset the Linksys E5450 to factory defaults through a web browser or using the Reset button.
How do I upgrade the firmware of my Linksys E5450?sf50301-002_en_v1.png
I connected the Linksys E5450 to my modem, but I'm unable to access the internet.To establish an internet connection, it's essential to run the built-in setup wizard. This is recommended for customizing your WiFi settings.
How can I change the WiFi settings or WiFi security settings of the Linksys E5450? sf50301-003_en_v1.png
How do I change the router’s administrative password?sf50301-004_en_v1.png

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