How to perform a Speed Test on your network using your Linksys cloud account

The Speed Test Tool on the Linksys cloud account allows you to check the current upload and download speed of your internet connection.

Here is a short guide about the difference in values of your download and upload speed:


  • Download speed – This pertains to how fast data is transferred from websites to your computer.
  • Upload speed – The speed of data transfer from your computer to the internet.

Follow the steps below to learn how to perform a Speed Test on your network.

QUICK TIP:  Factors such as number of devices connected to your network and running applications and activities that require a large amount of throughput such as video streaming and Voice over Internet Phone (VoIP) can affect the upload and download speed of your internet.


Step 1:
Access your Linksys cloud account.  For instructions, click

Step 2:
Click Speed Test.


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Step 3:
Click Begin Test.


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NOTE:  The area with an arrow pointing downwards shows the Download Speed while the area with an arrow pointing upwards shows the current Upload Speed.

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The Speed Test will begin immediately.  Once the Speed Test is done, you can click Restart Test to begin another Speed Test session.

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You can also click the Show History button to see the results from your previous Speed Test sessions and compare them to the current results.

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In case you encounter issues while doing the Speed Test using your Linksys cloud account, you can try any of the steps below:

  • Close the Linksys cloud account then re-open it and run the test again.
  • Temporarily disable any security on your computer such as your anti-virus or Windows® Firewall, then run the test again.  You can re-enable them after the test has been completed.
  • Use another computer that is also connected to your network and run the Speed Test using the Linksys cloud account.
  • Make sure you are using Adobe® Flash® Player 8.0 or higher.
  • Check if you have an active internet connection.

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