Setting up a Linksys Mesh WiFi system with Starlink

You can expand your network coverage and enjoy constant, dependable internet service throughout your entire home or place of business by connecting your Starlink system to a Linksys Mesh router. To do this, you first need to purchase a Starlink ethernet adapter. This is exclusively sold through the Starlink shop and is accessible solely to Starlink customers.

After setting up the Linksys router through the directions below, you will need to enable Bypass mode on the Starlink app to complete the process. 

What is the Bypass mode on the Starlink app? 

Bypass mode is a feature in the Starlink app that allows you to disable the routing functions of the Starlink router. When activated, the Starlink router will be a passthrough and all internet connection and routing will be handled by the Linksys router. The Starlink router will need to be reset if you want to turn OFF Bypass Mode.

Visit Starlink's website for additional information on their support for third-party devices.

Before you begin:

  • Ensure that your Starlink kit is properly set up and connected to the internet.
  • Download or update the latest Linksys app on your mobile device.
  • Steps and images may differ depending on the model and version of your Linksys Mesh system.


During this process, you will only be using the Starlink router as a power source, bypassing its routing function entirely. 

1. Remove the Starlink cable that connects the terminal to the Starlink router.

2. Connect one end of the Starlink ethernet adapter directly to the bottom of the Starlink router (into the port where the terminal was connected).


3. Connect the cable you detached from the Starlink router to the Starlink ethernet adapter so it is now directly connected to the terminal.


4. Power ON your Linksys router and get an ethernet cable.

5. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the Starlink ethernet adapter and the other end will be connected to the Internet port of your Linksys router.


6. Make sure that your mobile device isn’t connected to an existing WiFi network.

7. Launch the Linksys app. Tap on Set up a New Wi-Fi Network for iOS or Launch setup for Android™ devices.


8. Tap on Velop and Mesh Routers.


9. Tap OK to turn ON Bluetooth® if prompted. 



10. Tap Next, then tap It’s connected.



11. Tap on Node light is solid. Keep your mobile device near the Linksys router while it's being set up.



Internet checking will begin.


You will come across the following screen if an internet connection is not detected.


You may need to reboot your Starlink connection via the Starlink app. If the internet connection is still not detected, contact Starlink for support.

Once the Starlink connection has rebooted and the internet access has been restored, tap Next.

12. Customize your WiFi name and WiFi password. The WiFi password is case-sensitive. Tap Next once done.


13. Tap Continue when ready.


14. To connect your network to your cloud account, sign in using your current Linksys cloud account. You can then manage and monitor your network remotely from any mobile device.

If you haven’t created one, tap on Create an account for iOS or Create an Email Login for Android devices, and follow the on-screen prompts to create an account.



15. Wait while your network is being configured.




16. Tap Next.


You can rename your nodes after they have been set up. If you have more nodes to add, tap on Add more nodes. Make sure to move them near the Linksys router, preferably in the same room or no more than 10 ft. You can also complete the setup process and add them later.

17. Tap Next and then tap Finish.


18. Your WiFi should now be ready. Tap on Go to dashboard.



19. Enable Bypass mode on the Starlink app. To do this, connect to the Starlink WiFi, launch your Starlink app, go to Settings > WIFI CONFIGURATION > ADVANCED > Bypass Starlink WiFi router, toggle the switch to enable, and then tap SAVE > OK.

20. Connect back to your Linksys WiFi and verify if you have internet connectivity.

If your Linksys router shows a solid blue light or a solid white light, this indicates that it has connected to the network and is ready to use. You can now connect more wireless devices to your WiFi.

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