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Checking the MAC address using your HP® Officejet 6600 printer

Wireless access to a Linksys router can be filtered using the Media Access Control (MAC) address of a wireless device, such as a wireless printer.  MAC filtering is a security feature that can either prevent or allow specific MAC addresses to be connected to your wireless router.

NOTE:  Using WPA and WPA2 are still the recommended security settings for a wireless network.  If you are using a Linksys Wi-Fi router, click here to know how.  If you are using a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router, click here.

You can easily check the MAC address of your HP® Officejet 6600 printer with these easy steps.

Step 1:
On the control panel of your printer, press the Power button.


Step 2:
Press the Wireless icon.

Step 3:
Take note of the MAC address listed on your printer.

Once you have taken note of your printer's MAC address, you can add it on the list of devices permitted to connect to your wireless network.  To learn how to configure your router's MAC Filtering feature, click on the links below:

Setting up wireless MAC Filtering to permit users to connect to the wireless network on your Linksys router
Setting up wireless MAC Filtering to prevent users from connecting to the wireless network on your Linksys router
Configuring wireless MAC Filter using your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account

Expanding your network

Aside from configuring the advance features of your Linksys router, you can still do more simply by connecting additional devices.  You can extend your wireless signal to accommodate the hard to reach areas at home.  Also, you can even connect more devices, both wired and wireless, for gaming or for entertainment.  Click on the links to know more about these new products.

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