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Setting-up wireless security on a Linksys cable gateway

Wireless security on your router keeps your home network safe from unauthorized access.  There are available security options built with your Linksys router to provide and maintain your network's security, and give you choices depending on what degree of security you want to use.

Securing your wireless network is simple.  This can be done by:

The Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP) is a type of wireless security which does not change.  It provides comparable confidentiality to a traditional wired network.  There are two types of WEP:
  • WEP 64-bit:  This type of WEP consists of 10-hexadecimal codes.  To enable WEP 64-bit, click here.
  • WEP 128-bit:  This type of WEP consists of 26-hexadecimal codes so it is more secured compared to WEP 64-bit.  To enable WEP 128-bit, click here

The Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a type of wireless security which changes depending on the time renewal you will specify, making it more secured to use compared to WEP.
  • Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (WPA-TKIP) – uses a stronger encryption method and incorporates Message Integrity Code (MIC) to provide protection against hackers.
  • Advanced Encryption System (WPA-AES) – uses a symmetric 128-bit block data encryption.
To know how to enable WPA, click here.

Wireless access can be filtered using the MAC addresses of the wireless devices within your network’s range.  You can either permit or prevent specific wireless computers access to your wireless network.  To permit wireless computers to connect to your wireless network, click here.  To prevent wireless computers to connect to your wireless network, click here.

Disabling SSID broadcast on the gateway 

Disabling the SSID broadcast is another way of securing your wireless network.  This procedure will prevent other users from detecting your SSID, or your wireless network name, when they attempt to view available wireless networks in your area in order to connect.  For instructions, click here


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