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Checking the Mac® computer's connection to the router

One way to ensure your Mac® computer’s proper connection to the router is by checking how it is physically connected.  You can also check the network activity between the router and your computer.
To check if your Mac computer is properly connected to the Linksys router, you will need to perform four (4) steps:
Check the physical connection to the router
Check the router’s LEDs
Check the IP address of the Mac computer
Ping the router
Check the physical connection to the router
IMPORTANT:  Make sure that the Ethernet cable you are using is not damaged.
Check whether your Mac computer is connected to one of the four (4) Ethernet ports of the router using an Ethernet cable.  Refer to the image below for an illustration on how to do this:
IMPORTANT:  Your Linksys router comes with a power adapter.  Make sure that it is properly connected to the Power port of the router and it is plugged to an available power outlet.
The modem should also be connected to the Internet port of your router.  Your setup should now look like this:
For further instructions on how to connect the Ethernet cables, click here.
Check the router’s LEDs
The Linksys router’s LEDs indicate the status of the router’s connection.  After connecting the broadband modem and the computer to the router, make sure that the Ethernet, Internet, and Power LEDs on your router are lit. 
For a detailed description of the correct behavior of LEDs on your router, click here.   
Check the IP address of the Mac computer

The IP address of the computer is another indication that the computer is properly connected to the router.  For instructions on how to check your Mac computer's IP address, click here.  
Ping the router
Ping test helps to trace the communication between the computer and the router.  The computer sends packets to the router and in return, the router sends out replies to validate the connection.  To learn how to check your Mac computer’s connection to the router through ping test, click here.

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