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Different methods of Access Restrictions for Linksys wireless-N routers

Some Linksys wireless-N routers allow you to select from two (2) Access Restrictions methods in the web-based setup page.  This article will discuss how you can select your preferred Access Restrictions feature in the web-based setup page.

QUICK TIP:  If you cannot find the Access Restrictions tab, you may need to disable the Parental Controls feature of your Linksys Connect software.  To learn how, click here.

Step 1:
Access the web-based setup page.  For instructions on how to access the web-based setup page for Windows, click here.  For Mac users, click here.

Step 2:
Click the Access Restrictions tab.


Step 3:
You will be informed about the status of your Internet Access Restrictions feature.  Click OK to proceed.


Step 4:
Select which Access Restrictions feature you want to use.


You will now be able configure your selected Access Restrictions feature.  Click the links below to learn how to configure Access Restrictions feature:

Setting up Access Restrictions on a Linksys router
Setting up Parental Controls using the web-based setup page of a Linksys Wireless-N router

NOTE:  You will only be able to use one (1) Access Restrictions feature at a time.  Once you have selected an Access Restrictions feature, the other one will automatically be set to Disabled.

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