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Getting to know the PLEK400

The PLEK400 is a Powerline 1-port Kit that consists of two (2) PLE400 devices.  The PLE400 is a Powerline 1-port Fast Ethernet adapter that has one (1) Ethernet port.  One of these devices is typically used in a powerline network to connect your network’s router to the household wiring.  You can also use one of these in any room to connect one (1) wired Ethernet device to your powerline network.

NOTE:  You can use two (2) or more Powerline adapters to set up a powerline network.

Front Panel

  •  Power (Green) – lights up when the powerline adapter is powered ON.
  •  Ethernet (Green) – lights up when a wired network device is connected to Ethernet (network) port of the powerline device.
  •  Powerline (Green) – lights up when the adapter is connected to the powerline network.  The LED flashes to indicate network activity.

Side Panel

  •  Standby/Reset – Restores your powerline adapter to factory defaults.  To do this, press and hold the Standby/Reset button for at least 10 seconds using a pin or a pointed object.

Bottom Panel

  •  HomePlug Simple Connect Button - configures advanced security (the network password) for your powerline network.
  •  Ethernet - connects a computer or another networking device.

Minimum Requirements

  • Any computer or other device with Ethernet network adapter
  • Available AC power jack
  • Setup utility requires a computer with CD-ROM drive running Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, or Windows 7 SP1 

Extending your home network with Powerline adapters

Setting up a powerline network is an option to extend your home network.  Click on the links below to know more about Linksys Powerline adapters and powerline networking.

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