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PLK300 Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the PLK300?

The PLK300 is a Powerline AV Network Kit that allows you to turn the existing powerlines in your home or office into a high-speed network.  The kit consists of two devices: the PLE300 and the PLS300.  The PLE300 is a Powerline AV Network Adapter that has one Ethernet port.  The PLS300 is a Powerline AV-4 Port Network Adapter.  It has four Ethernet ports where you can connect up to four computers or other network devices to your powerline network.  With a Powerline AV Network Kit, you can create a home network in an instant.

Powerline Adapters are plug and play devices.  You just have to make sure that both devices are connected on the same circuit breaker.

2. What is the IP address, Username and Password used to login to the PLK300?

The devices do not have an IP address nor does it have a username and password.

QUICK TIP:  The Powerline AV Network Kit does not have a web-based setup page.  However, it has a Powerline utility use to secure the Powerline network.  To learn how to set up security, click here.

3. How do I reboot the PLK300?

To reboot the PLK300, unplug and re-plug both devices from the power outlet.

4. What are the requirements needed to install PLK300?

• Computer or other device with Ethernet network adapter
• AC power outlet


1. Can I set up security on my Powerline devices?


2. How do I set up the security of my Powerline Adapters?

Press and hold the HomePlug Simple Connect button for at least 10 seconds.  Then release the button when the power LED starts flashing.  For more information, click here.

3. What security features does PLK300 support?

The PLK300 supports 128-Bit AES Link Encryption.

4. Can I use the software utility that came with other powerline adapters such as the PLTS300, PLTE300, or PLEBR10 to configure the PLK300?

No.  These devices do not have interchangeable software.


1. What LEDs does the PLK300 have?

  •   Power (Blue) - The Power LED lights up and stays on while the Powerline AV Network Adapter is powered ON.
  •   LAN (Blue) - The LAN LED lights up steadily while an Ethernet Link is detected.  The LED light Flashes while sending/receiving data.
  •   Powerline (Blue) - The Powerline LED lights up steadily when a Homeplug Link is detected.  The LED flashes while sending/receiving data.


1. What's the maximum data transfer rate for the PLK300?

The PLK300 data transfer rate is up to 200 Mbps.  The actual throughput of the PLK300 is limited to 100 Mbps by the Ethernet 10/100 specification, and will vary depending on network traffic and environmental conditions such as building wiring type and routing.

2. What is the power specification for the PLK300?

The Input power is 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz.

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