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Changing the Linksys ADSL gateway’s admin password

The Linksys ADSL gateways come with default administrative password for advanced configuration and web-based setup page access.  Personalizing the password secures your network from unauthorized and harmful access.  To change the admin password of your Linksys gateway, follow the steps below:

NOTE:  The admin password is NOT the wireless password.

Want to set up wireless network security for your Linksys gateway? Click here.

Prepare the following before proceeding:

  • A computer connected wired to the gateway
  • IP address of the gateway ( is the default IP, if you already changed this, click here to check.)
  • Router's username and password

Step 1:
Open a web browser and in the Address bar, enter the gateway’s IP address then press [Enter].

Step 2:
An authentication window will prompt you for a User name and Password.  Enter the default User name and Password which is “admin” then click OK.

NOTE:  If the User name and Password of the gateway have been changed, use the new details to log in to the web-based setup page instead.  Reset the gateway to factory default settings if you have forgotten the login credentials.

User-added image

For Linksys X6200, the login page appears like this:

User-added image

Step 3:
Click the Administration tab.

User-added image 

NOTE:  The image may vary depending on the model number of your ADSL gateway.

Step 4:
Under the Management section, enter the new password in the Router Password field then confirm.

 User-added image

Step 5:
Click Save Settings.

IMPORTANT:  The next time you log in to your Linksys ADSL gateway's web-based setup page, make sure to enter the new password.  For future reference, write down the administrative password and keep it.

Boost your network's security

Now that you have changed your router gateway's password, you may take additional steps to boost your network's security.  For more information, click on the link below:

Implementing Access Restrictions for computers behind a Linksys ADSL gateway

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