Overview of the Linksys Mesh app menu

To access the Linksys app menu options, log in to the app and tap the menu icon on the upper-left corner of the dashboard.

The menu options and settings vary by model. Some features like Family Time/Parental Controls, Devices, Priority, and some Advanced Settings are not supported if
bridge mode is enabled.

The External Storage feature has been discontinued on the app, but you can still use the External Storage section on your router's web interface to set up and manage your storage device.

In most of the examples below, an iOS device is being used. Images may vary if you're using an Android™ device. 
Linksys Cognitive™ MeshLinksys Intelligent Mesh™
Below is an overview of the options in the Linksys app menu. 

Menu optionDescription
Network nameThe network name is the WiFi name of the network that you are currently logged into. 

If you have multiple networks, you can tap on this section to switch to other networks. 

In this example, the WiFi name is HomeWIFI7.


To delete offline routers that are no longer part of your network, tap on Edit, select the router, and then tap on Delete.


DevicesThe Devices menu displays the total number of connected clients. Tap this section to view connected clients or to change a device's name or icon.


Safe BrowsingIn this section you can enable the Safe Browsing feature. Tap to configure.


Family TimeThis option will appear on Linksys MBE7000, MX6200, and LN1100.


Parental ControlsParental Controls options vary by model. Tap this section to configure Parental Controls on your personal devices. 


When it is configured, you will see the total number of clients who have Parental Controls.


If you have subscribed to Linksys Shield, you will see the Linksys Shield logo. This is only supported on Linksys WHW03xx models.


Network SecurityNetwork Security is a subscription-based service. If you have subscribed to this service, you will see Linksys Shield. This is only supported on Linksys WHW03xx models.


Wi-Fi SettingsTap this section to configure your WiFi settings.


Guest NetworkTap this section to configure your guest's WiFi access.


Speed CheckSpeed Check options vary by model. Tap this section to run a speed test between the router and the internet or your devices and the internet.


For Linksys MBE7000 and LN1100, you can choose from two third-party services to measure the speed between your devices and the internet.


Linksys AwareLinksys Aware is a subscription-based service. This is only supported on Linksys WHW03xx models.


PriorityTo configure device prioritization on your devices, tap on this section. 


NotificationsTo configure notifications from your node, tap on this section.


Network AdministrationIn the Network Administration section, you can view all your nodes/routers, check the firmware version, change your router’s password, and more


Advanced Settings

In Advanced Settings, you can configure your internet settings, enable bridge mode, and configure port settings like single port forwarding, port range forwarding, and port range triggering.


Apple Home IntegrationThe Linksys WHW03xx and MX4200 series work with Apple® HomeKit® to add an extra layer of security to your smart home.


Linksys StoreThis section gives you access to Linksys Store where you can order Linksys products from within the app.


Set up a New ProductTap this section to add more nodes to extend your network.


AccountWhen you are logged in with your Linksys cloud account, you will have an Account button.

In the Account section, you can access your account profile, 2-Step Verification settings, and other settings. 

To log out, tap Account > Logout.


If the Linksys cloud is down or if you are offline, you can log in locally using the router password. In this case, you will have the Log Out button instead of the Account button. Once the connection is back up, you can log out and log back in with your Linksys cloud account.


HelpTap on the Help button to view some self-help articles. There is also a contact list to reach Linksys Support.


About LinksysTap this section to check the version of the Linksys app or read more about the Linksys Privacy Pledge.


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