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IoT – How to Optimize WiFi for the Connected Home

Internet of Things Smart Home

The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as a system of computing devices that have the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction. It's likely you have several connected IoT devices in your home; examples include video doorbells, intelligent virtual assistants (IVA), smart heaters, and smart air conditioners.

While most people might think of WiFi in terms of their personal computing power, all of these connected devices in the home need reliable, fast Internet to support them.

However, your current home WiFi may not be adequate to handle the various IoT devices, laptops going, streaming services — all at the same time. This can result in sputtering, frequently buffering connections that might be spotty throughout the house.

For a more robust, reliable, consistent WiFi experience in the home, consider optimizing your WiFi.

While the advanced technology of many connected devices may seem futuristic, don't feel intimidated by the installation and deployment of these IoT devices. Linksys has a wide range of easy-to-install smart home devices to consider.

How to Boost Your Signal

To set-up your home WiFi to meet your growing needs and increase of connected devices in the home, you should be considering getting a mesh WiFi system. Home Mesh WiFi can help you augment your WiFi speed, coverage, and reliability. Simply defined, Mesh WiFi or whole home WiFi consists of a main router that connects directly to your modem, and a series of modules you place around your home. This provides full WiFi coverage throughout your house.

Products to consider include:

Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System, Tri-Band, 3-Pack White

Benefits include:

  • Easy to set up
  • Designed to fit anywhere
  • Delivers full-strength Mesh WiFi
  • Fast performance

Other Smart Products to Consider

These products are easy-to-install, affordable, and can help you save energy and water within you home.

Smart Lighting

Wemo Smart Light Switches and Dimmers connect to your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of your lights and ceiling fans. Set schedules and turn lights on and off from the wall, the app, or with your voice using Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Smart Plugs

Wemo WiFi Smart Plugs give you total wireless control over your lights and home appliances with no subscription or hub required. Set schedules, monitor energy usage, and control your lights and devices from anywhere using the free Wemo app or by using your voice when paired with a voice assistant.

Smart Water Devices

The PHYN is a self-installed water monitor that goes under a single sink in your home. The smart monitor will notify you immediately via SMS or push notifications if a leak is detected anywhere in your home and can connect you to a plumber in minutes. Through the PHYN app, it also provides detailed insights into how each fixture in your home is using water to help you save money on your monthly water bill.f-installed water monitor that goes under a single sink, immediately notifies you if a leak is detected anywhere in your home, and provides detailed insights into how each fixture in your home uses water.

Learn more on how Linksys is helping keep your smart home connected and smart.

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