Warranties and Support Information

Each Linksys product comes with a limited warranty. The benefits we give in our warranties are additional to any rights and remedies that you may have under local consumer protection laws.

End-User License Agreement

This legal document contains the terms and conditions under which limited use of certain software that operates with the product is licensed to you. You must agree to the End-User License Agreement before downloading software.

Terms and Acceptable Use

We provide terms of use relating to use of the Linksys website, as well as terms of service relating to use of particular Linksys services.

Product Lifecycle Policy

Technology products reach the end of their product life cycle for various reasons. We have a policy for managing this transition, providing information about where your product is in its product life cycle and helping users find alternative Linksys products and services.

UK PSTI Statement of Compliance

Linksys is compliant with the UK Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act 2022 (PSTI). We have provided a Statement of Compliance for products that are sold in the United Kingdom.

Open Source Licenses

Linksys uses many different kinds of open source software under different open source licenses. For certain copyleft open source licenses such as the General Public License or GPL, we also provide source code available on request.

Supplier Responsibility

Linksys holds our suppliers to the same high standards regarding labor, the environment, human rights and ethics that we commit to.

European Declaration of Conformity