Frequently Asked Questions


Effortlessly set up your Linksys Router or Mesh with these easy to follow user guides

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vast network of interconnected devices that communicate and share information either locally or over the internet. In recent times, IoT devices have become pervasive, seamlessly integrating into our daily lives and often serving as essential components of modern smart homes.

Checking or verifying the WiFi settings on a router is important when connecting WiFi devices to your network. This is the best route to take if you are unsure of your router’s WiFi settings.

Strong signals between nodes are critical for high speeds and wide coverage in mesh WiFi. Placement of your child nodes, therefore, will be important. Generally, it’s best to keep nodes within two rooms or one floor of each other and limit walls and obstacles between nodes. Make sure the node is out in the open. Avoid placing it in a cabinet or behind a TV. Try to keep it away from large panes of glass and large metal objects like refrigerators, fish tanks, or microwaves.

If established child nodes in your mesh WiFi become disconnected, consider what has changed in your home or within your mesh WiFi. Have you moved your modem, parent node or any other child nodes? Did you get new furniture, change your home’s layout or get a major electronic appliance? All of these can affect how your nodes communicate.

There are many reasons a device might not be able to connect to your WiFi. Here are some common ways to try to fix the problem.

Linksys intelligent mesh allows wireless devices to switch among mesh nodes as a user roams among them, but the devices decide when to make the change. A device’s roaming aggressiveness can result in a device remaining connected to a node even when there is one closer with a better signal.

You can log in to the Linksys app dashboard or the page to access the settings of your router or node. Both methods will allow you to enter either your Linksys cloud account credentials or router password. Follow the steps explained below to learn how.

No, a Linksys router does not replace your ISP. To use a Linksys router, you will still need a customer-paid active internet connection, as well as a modem for connectivity. The good news is that Linksys routers work with most ISPs.

Yes. You can use the Linksys Mesh Router/System with your ISP. To set up your Linksys Mesh router, connect it to the modem or your ISP-provided gateway.

A few factors could lead to connectivity issues with your home WiFi network. No need for frustration. Linksys is here to help you quickly identify common issues and provide quick fixes.