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Linksys US

WiFi for today

WiFi 6 is the current standard of WiFi technology, delivering the speed, coverage, and capacity your latest devices need.


Modernize your WiFi

WiFi 6 gives you true gigabit speeds for a fast connection that will handle a house full of streaming, gaming, and mobile technology.

Supports a house full of devices

Whether it's work-from-home, online learning, or entertainment, with up to 4X more capacity you'll enjoy nearly unlimited bandwidth. Even with a large number of connected devices used simultaneously within your home, WiFi 6 can handle it.

Coverage for your whole home

Extend coverage of your network to more devices, even in hard-to-reach places like the garage or basement. Each of our WiFi 6 routers features Velop Intelligent Mesh™ technology, making an upgradable system that expands with easy-to-add nodes. Updating to the latest standard of WiFi 6 will enable consistent speeds (or connections) across your entire home, including your outdoor smart devices.

Now your neighbors' WiFi won't get in the way

WiFi 6 is designed to eliminate interference from nearby networks, offering a strong, clear signal to all your devices.


Maximizes battery life

With improved network efficiency—less moving in and out of range—your devices can stay in sleep mode longer. These extra moments of downtime prolong the battery life of laptops, tablets, and smartphones.